While most of these silverfish images are"cartoony" in
nature, some could probably be considered NSFW.

Please view responsibly.

The majority of the artwork in this Gallery is on small,
trading card sized (2.5" x 3.5") paper or card stock.
Click on some of the entries to see a larger image.

Many of these artists accept commission work.
Please feel free to contact them with your request.
You can find a list of contributor names in the "Labels"
section along the right hand side by scrolling down

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nick Bertozzi's silverfish

Nick Bertozzi

Tom Benham's silverfish

Tom Benham

Terry Beatty's silverfish

Terry Beatty

John Beatty's silverfish

John Beatty

Kevin Bayless' silverfish

Kevin Bayless

Rachel Baum's silverfish

Rachel Baum

Donna Barr's silverfish

Donna Barr

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Daryl Banks' silverfish

Daryl Banks

Sept. 26, 1999

Bryan Ballinger outtakes

Bryan originally drew four 
silverfish before deciding which 
one to color.  Here are the 
others he came up with:

Bryan Ballinger's silverfish

Bryan Ballinger
sharpie drawing on a 
post-it, digitally colored

Allan Baker's silverfish

Allan Baker

Anthony Ausgang's silverfish

Anthony Ausgang

America Devours Its Own Currency:
The Silverfish Syndrome

Atilla's silverfish


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Douglas Arthur's silverfish

Douglas Arthur

Van Arno silverfish

Van Arno

Jason Armstrong's silverfish

Jason Armstrong
 (Sept. 26, 1999 BuffaloCon)

Mark Arminski's silverfish

Mark Arminski

Graham Annable's silverfish

"what kind of a world are we 
living in where a guy can't 
take a moment out of his 
day to do up a silverfish..." 

Graham Annable

Esao Andrews silverfish

Esao Andrews

Bob Almond silverfish

Bob Almond
(With apologies to Jack (King) Kirby)

Marco Almera silverfish

Marco Almera

Ken Allan silverfish

Ken Allan

Brian Douglas Ahern silverfish

Brian Douglas Ahern

Jonathan Adams' silverish

Jonathan Adams

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Butch Adams silverfish

Butch Adams

Nick Abadzis silverfish

Nick Adabzis

silverfish transfer

I will soon begin transferring all the images from
the Silverfish Gallery to this blog. I'll probably
do it alphabetically (to make it a bit easier on me!)
and add new ones as they arrive.